5 Ways To Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on MattressThink there’s a chance you might have bed bugs? These bugs are hard to catch, but there are five things to look for- or do- if you’re concerned your house has potential bed bugs.

  • 1. Bug bites will leave behind waste. Whether its slightly darker spots on your mattress or actual dead bugs, this is definitely something to look around for if you’re worried about bed bugs.
  • 2. Bed bugs prey on people when they’re sleeping- they only come out at night. Check your body for any small red bites or unidentified marks. These could be potential bed bug bites.
  • 3. Hide ‘n Seek is a personal favorite game for bed bugs. They’re known to hide in mattresses or in any folds in linens. Make sure to check all beds, as well other furniture in the room. Keep in mind you’re looking for small cockroach-like bugs. Also, be prepared to see waste and dead skin in any of these spots.
  • 4. Bed bugs make their move generally around dawn. Grab a flashlight and try and wake up near this time. Limit your movement to assure the bed bugs don’t go back into hiding.
  • 5. Run to a local convenience store and grab some double-sided carpet tape. This tape is made specifically to stick onto rugs. Align your bed with some tape. Pay most attention to the sides and corners of your mattress. Over a period of time, if your house were infected with bed bugs, some would stick onto this tape.
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  1. Hilarie says:

    We have been spraying and putting powder along the base boards of the house and they are still everywhere and we don’t have money for and exterminator. What can we do?

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    • BedBugVigilante says:

      You must be strategic in your approach. Do not start spraying and dusting your whole house but instead use a systematic approach. The 3 main weapons and order in which you should apply pesticides is this.

      #1 apply a contact killing spray first such as J.T. Eaton’s Kill Bed Bugs (Red Bottle), then #2 apply a residual spray such as J.T. Eaton Kill Bed Bugs II (Blue Bottle) and finally finish up using dust such as the Cimexa which I’ve found to be the most effective dust on the market by far. It’s 100% silica so it dries them out quickly.

      However this is just the start of the battle you need to launder your clothes, treat furniture, shoes, electrical outlets, curtains and more. I suggest you download the the “How to Eliminate Bed Bugs in 7 Easy Steps” e-book that I wrote which goes into great detail about exactly how to combat the infestation. Remember it takes time but the key is not applying pesticides willy nilly or you risk enhancing your problem.

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